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Cai Jianhua

Party Secretary, Deputy Director Executive Leadership Training Center National Health and Family Planning Commission

After graduating from the Department of Biology at Fudan University, worked at the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research for the organizing of development of medicines and devices for family planning, and participated in the collaboration programs with the World Health Organization. Thereafter, Mr. Cai worked for the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, as the department chief, responsible for planning and organizing the development of science and technology programs, science and technology policy studies, research resource allocation, evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, and promotion of the public service platforms for science and technology programs. As the Executive Director, set up the Shanghai Research and Development Center on New Drugs as the development platform for the Shanghai biomedical industry,

During the period of 2005-2009, as the President worked for the China Training Center for Reproductive Health and Family Care, and as Director of the China Program Office serves for Partners in Population and Development, to promote the South-South cooperation in the field of the population and development.

From 2009 Mr. Cai has served as the Director-General for the Training and Communication Center in the National Population (Health) and Family Planning Commission for the capacity-building programs and early childhood development programs.