The Host

China Development Research Foundation

The China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) is a national non-profit organization established by the Development Research Center of the State Council in 1997.  The goals of the Foundation are to promote evidence-based policy consultation and development, undertake policy relevant research in support of social and economic development, and to strengthen the capacity of provincial and central level policy makers and managers in conducting public policy.

The Foundation’s work is comprised of:  

1) Executive leadership training programs on development, public policy and management;

2) High level public policy forums and symposiums on China’s development, notably the China Development Forum (CDF) organized annually under the auspices of the Development Research Center of theState Council of the People's Republic of China;

3) Evidence-based research on key public policy and development issues in China.  This includes path-breaking operational interdisciplinary research and social experiments on early child development. CDRF plays a key role in translating pilot programs in child development into policy in the social sector.  Its leadership in China’s recent National Nutrition Intervention Program is one example.  CDRF also contributed to development of China’s National Child Development Plan (for 2014-2020) for Poverty – Stricken Areas;

4) Publications and Communications, such as the biannual flagship series, the China Development Report to address such topics as poverty elimination (2007), a social welfare system for China (2008/2009) and people-oriented urbanization (2010).     

CDRF is uniquely positioned to share the knowledge and lessons it generates with all networks and institutions in China and among the global development community.  CDRF places emphasis on continual evaluation-feedback-revision and ultimately it aims to help leverage translation of effective programs into policy.