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Harold Alderman

Senior Research Fellow of International Food Policy Research Institute

Harold Alderman, with both a master’s in nutrition (Cornell) and a Ph.D. in economics (Harvard), has naturally gravitated to research on the economics of nutrition and food policy. After spending 10 years at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), he joined the World Bank in 1991 where he divided his time at the Bank between the Development Research Group and the Africa region where he advised on social protection policy.  He returned to IFPRI in 2012.  His most recent research includes contributing to the Oct. 2011 Lancet state of the art review on Early Child Development and the Lancet review of nutrition sensitive nutrition investments in 2013 as well as editing the book, No Small Matter: The Interaction of Poverty, Shocks, and Human Capital Investments in Early Childhood Development.  Additionally, his coauthored review, “The Nexus of ECD and Nutrition” will be published in January 2017.