Foreign representatives Chinese representatives

Government Representatives

Steven Hicks

Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Elementary and

Secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education

International Organization Representatives

Rana Flowers

Representative, UNICEF China

Robert Scherpbier

Chief of Health and Nutrition, UNICEF China

Li Peiwei

ECD Consultant, UNICEF China

Cai Yue

Child Protection Consultant, UNICEF China

Chen Xuefeng  

ECD Specialist, UNICEF China

Chang Suying  

Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF China

Huang Xiaona  

MCH Specialist, UNICEF China

Liu Li    

Communication Specialist, UNICEF China

Zhao Qi

Education Officer, UNICEF China

Lou Chunfang

ECD Officer, UNICEF China

Hu Wenjuan     

ECD Officer, UNICEF China

Wang Xiaolin

Child Protection Officer, UNICEF China

Kathryn Martin  

Health Officer, UNICEF China

Tian Xiaobo

MCH Officer, UNICEF China

Zhao Chunxia  

MCH Officer, UNICEF China

Samuel Berlinski

Principal Economist, Research Department,

Inter-American  Development Bank

Wang Le

China Office, Save the Children

Wu Tiancheng

Beijing Office, Save the Children

Guo Jinping

Shanghai Office, Save the Children

Cao Ying        

Sichuan Office, Save the Children

Liu Yan

Yunnan Office, Save the Children

Zhang Ying   

Yunnan Office, Save the Children

Liu Chunhua       

Yunnan Office, Save the Children

Mu Xiong

Yunnan Office, Save the Children

Gulizat Abdulrixit

Xinjinag Office, Save the Children

Shen Yinyin  

Senior Program Officer,

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Anthony   Gao  

Program  Officer,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Harold Alderman

Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy

Research Institute

Jacques van der Gaag

Senior Fellow, Center for Universal Education,

Brookings Institute

Menno Pradhan

Director, Amsterdam Institute of International Development

Gary Darmstadt

Associate Dean, Department of Medicine, Stanford University

Jon Korfmacher

Associate Professor, Erikson Institute

Chunling Lu

Founding Director of the Program in Global Health Economics and Social Change, Harvard Medical School

Perry Wong

Milken Institute

Patrick Ip  

Hong Kong University

Maggie Koong

Hong Kong University

Helena Wang

The Lancet

Alanna Sincovich

Fraser Mustard Institute, Australia

NGO Representatives

Feng Chuning

Projet Manager, Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation

Paula Peng     

Secretary General, Amyway Charity Foundation

Audie Wong

Vice Chairman, Amway Charity Foundation

Qu Shuqun      

Humana People to People

Cheung Sauwa

Humana People to People

Stephanie Olmore

U.S. National Association for young children

Gu Xinyan  

Meng Shandu  Foundation  

Yu  Xin

Director,Department of Program,Amway Charity


Zhang  Zheng

Project  Officer,Amway Charity Foundation

Enterprise representatives

Albert Xie

Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy, General Motors (China)

Zhang Huifeng

Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited

Vidy Xu

Public Affairs Director, Corporate Affairs & Sustainable Development,  Schneider Electric

(China) Co., Ltd

Michelle Gao

Project Manager, Bosch China Charity Center Officer

Zhang Yi

Commissioner,Department of  Corporate Social

Responsibility,t. Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jinghuang

Manager,Department  of  Corporate Social

Responsibility,Philips (Greater China)

Fan  Jiayi

Supervisor,Department of  Corporate Social

Responsibility,General Motors (China)